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Town Government

Presently, the Mayor and six elected Councilmembers are:

Manny Cid Picture Manny Cid
 Nelson Rodriguez Picture Nelson Rodriguez
Vice Mayor
Seat 1
jeffrey rodriguez Jeffrey Rodriguez
Seat 2
Marilyn Ruano Picture Marilyn Ruano
Seat 3
josh dieguez Josh Dieguez
Seat 4
Luis Collazo Picture Luis Collazo
Seat 5
 carlos o alvarez Carlos O. Alvarez
Seat 6

 Since its incorporation, the Town of Miami Lakes operates under a Council-Manager form of government. The Council-Manager system combines the strong leadership of elected officials with the strong managerial experience of an appointed Town Manager. The Mayor and Council are elected to represent the citizens of our community and to develop policy.

The Council Legislative duties include:

  • Adopt or amend any administrative regulation or establish, alter or abolish any Town office, department, board or agency.
  • Establish a rule or regulation; the violation of which carries a penalty.
  • Levy taxes or appropriate funds.
  • Grant, renew or extend a franchise.
  • Set service or user charges for municipal services or grant administrative authority to set such charges.
  • Authorize the borrowing of money.
  • Convey, lease or authorize by administrative action the conveyance or lease of any lands of the Town.
  • Mend or repeal any ordinance previously adopted.
  • Adopt an Annual Budget.
In addition to the Councilmembers, the Town Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Town and is responsible to the Council for the administration of all Town Affairs. The Town Manager for the Town of Miami Lakes is Edward Pidermann.

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