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LED Streetlight Conversion Program

Description: The LED streetlight project consists of converting approximately 915 streetlights to LED fixtures.  The first phase of this project will be the conversion of approximately 640 cobra heads to LED.  The installation of these fixtures will start around mid August and will take approximately one month to install all of them.

The LED retrofit project supports two goals in the Town’s 2025 Strategic Plan:

1. Achieve universal environmental sustainability in public and private environments, operations and infrastructure; and,

2. Achieve national recognition as a ‘Model Town’ for creativity, education, innovation and use of technology. Additionally, we expect the project when fully completed will reduce:

       - Energy costs by approximately 65% or $25,000 per year

       - Maintenance costs by at least 45% or approximately $45,000 per year

       - Staff monitoring costs of $2,000 per year for a total savings of $72,000 per year.

 Project Completion: Winter 2017

 Recent Activity:  LED lights have been installed and we are inspecting lighting and evaluating photometrics.