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CCTV Traffic Cameras and Adaptive Signalization

Project Description: The Town of Miami Lakes is working with Miami Dade County to install CCTV cameras and adaptive signalization at 154th Street in the following six intersections:

  • NW 154th St. and NW 77th Ave
  • NW 154th St and SR 826/ Palmetto Expressway South

  • NW 154th St. and NW 77th Ct.

  • NW 154th St and NW 79th Ave.

  • NW 154th St and 82nd Ave.

  • NW 154th St. and NW 87th Ave.

The CCTV cameras will allow the County to see the intersections live and be able to manually synchronize the intersections if needed.  In addition, adaptive signalization will be installed in these intersections as well. The adaptive technology will receive the traffic information regarding the number of cars travelling on each direction and will use the data in real time to control the lights in the most effective way.

Project Completion: Winter 2017

Recent Activity: CCTV have been installed. The adaptive technology is ready to be purchased after the County executes interlocal agreement

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