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Title: 2018 Town of Miami Lakes Accomplishments
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243px-All-America City LogoIn 2018, the Town of Miami Lakes has continued to grow beautifully. GRANTS. The Grants Office secured over $6.4 million in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 (Vs $3.7M in FY17, $0.5M in FY16, and $1Min FY15), representing the most sizable annual awards in the history of the Town of Miami Lakes. The most notable grants awarded:


2018 Town of Miami Lakes Accomplishments

Miami Lakes, FL - In 2018, the Town of Miami Lakes has continued to grow beautifully.

The Grants Office secured over $6.4 million in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 (Vs $3.7M in FY17, $0.5M in FY16, and $1Min FY15), representing the most sizable annual awards in the history of the Town of Miami Lakes. The most notable grants awarded:

• Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) County Incentive Grant Program (CIGP) for the NW 59th Avenue Roadway Extension and Redevelopment – Awarded $3,614,500
• Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA)
Grant for the Town of Miami Lakes West Lakes Drainage Improvements Project – Awarded $1,462,450

The Town of Miami Lakes is in excellent financial condition. The Town’s conservative financial
management approach has allowed our municipality to maintain an AA+ fitch rating and an Aa2
moody rating. Highlighted accomplishments include:
• Successfully completed our FY17‐FY18 audit without findings, which led to the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting
• Completed all collecting and reporting to FEMA related to hurricane Irma
• Increased investment income by at least $50,000

The Town is approximately 94%+/‐ built out, with only a small portion of the land remaining
vacant and undeveloped. As a result, the Town’s current and long‐term planning efforts have
shifted from a primarily growth‐management‐related role to a larger focus on economic development and redevelopment. Highlighted accomplishments include:
• Networking Mixer held at local restaurants that had more than 100 attendees at each event
• Mayor and Town Council welcomed over 20 new businesses with a ribbon cutting ceremony
• Over 300 people attended the Social Media Tech Summit

Highlighted accomplishments include:
• The Town of Miami Lakes now benefits from Verified Status on Facebook and Instagram with 7,100 and 4,750 followers respectively, Twitter currently has 2,650 followers. The Town deployed Facebook Live capability as well this year.
• Town publishes a monthly online newsletter with a potential reach of 3,000 email addresses and a 30% average click through rate. Since May 2017, the newsletter has steadily gained over 2,000 followers.
• Hosted over 150 special events per year with a total of about 34,000 attendees. Local businesses can position themselves in front of Town residents by way of sponsorships to events and programs. This past year the Town received over $30,000 in sponsorship dollars.
• Deployed and implemented Alert Miami Lakes: a mass emergency notification system
• The Town of Miami Lakes is committed to facilitating the accessibility and usability of its website www.miamilakes‐ for people with disabilities.

Highlighted accomplishments include:
• Implementing a License Plate Reader (LPR) technology
• One of the first municipalities to meet the mandate for School security by ensuring that all schools were manned by police officers.

Highlighted accomplishments include:
• Issued 193 new Business Tax Receipts and have renewed 1,135
• Issued 3,598 permits, performed 23,279 inspections, completed 17,623 plan review and
issued 148 Certificate of Occupancy
• The Code Compliance Division has opened 1,531 cases and closed 1,135 cases
• The Building Department software has been continuously expanding its features and now have inspectors in the field with iPad where they can result inspection and can be seen in real time online.


Highlighted accomplishments include:
• Recipient of the Neat Streets Grant Award from Miami‐Dade County which assisted in
funding the West Lakes Reforestation Project Phase 2 to create beautiful green corridors
• Recipient of the Arbor Day Foundation Growth Award—9th consecutive year
• Recipient of the Tree City USA Award—12th consecutive year
• Added 203 new shade trees to the Town’s existing tree canopy
• Sod Restoration of over 321,500 SF of town‐owned park and right‐of‐way areas impacted
by Hurricane Irma
• Completion of Mary Collins Community Center Improvements
• Implementation of Rainout Line on Lakes Life app to better inform residents and park goers alike of park
weather conditions instantly
• Implementation of EKG Policy (“Breanna Saves Lives Act”) in coaches training
• Recipient of $225,00 federal grant towards retrofitting sports field lighting at Royal Oaks Park
• Served over 2,000 participants across all leisure service and athletic programs
• Added new summer camps in Coding and Lego Engineering Camp this past summer
• Added a Mommy and Me classes for the upcoming Fiscal Year at the Youth Center

Highlighted accomplishments include:
• Obtained dismissal with prejudice of Michael Pizzi's 2.5‐million‐dollar law suit against
the Town
• Drafted significant legislation regarding Architectural Standards, Community Housing,
Special Taxing Districts
• Advocated with FEMA for dollars on behalf of the Town

Highlighted accomplishments include:
• The Town switched On‐Demand transportation providers and contracted with
Freebee to provide the service. The new service has allowed the Town to enhance the
previous on‐demand service by adding two more vehicles and providing more flexibility
to our riders. This year the Town was able to provide 11,758 Freebee rides which increased ridership by 57 % compared to last year with the on-demand bus service.

• The Town partnered with Spin and Lime bikes to make dockless bike‐share available to the Miami Lakes community. Bike sharing is an innovative transportation
Program aim to increase transportation options by helping people move quickly about their neighborhood or connect with the larger community without using a car. In addition, bike‐share programs provide users with an important component of community wellness. The dockless bike share saw a ridership of over 8,300 rides.

• The Town was awarded $40,000 from the Miami‐Dade Transportation Planning
Organization to conduct a Smart Mobility Study, which will plan and prioritize new
innovative technologies available in transportation to combat traffic, promote safer
mobility, and create a cohesive transportation network for all modes of transportation.

• The Town entered into a local funding agreement with FDOT to begin the design of the
Miami Lakes‐Palmetto Expressway Underpasses at NW 146th and NW 159th Street. The
Underpasses will provide enhanced east‐west connectivity.


Highlighted accomplishments include:
• Completed the Town Hall Emergency Back‐Up Generator Project: The project consisted of the construction of a generator enclosure and installation of a backup generator for the Town Hall facility

• A total of 159 Town‐owned street lights, which included street lights damaged during
Hurricane Irma, has been repaired

• Completed design for Canal Bank Stabilization Phase II. Bidding for this project is
underway and construction is expected to start by December 2019. The project is funded
by the State Legislature which allocated an additional $1,000,000 to stabilize
approximately 3,000 linear feet of the canal bank.

• Completed construction of the Lake Sarah Drainage project: The Lake Sarah sub‐basin is
generally located between Miami Lakeway South and the Palmetto Expressway right‐of way and between Twin Sabal Drive and Leaning Pine Drive, in the southeast residential
area of the Town. This project consisted of stormwater improvements in the Lake Sarah
Sub‐Basin including addition of catch basins, French drains, and manholes to provide
water quality and quantity treatment. In addition, the existing roadway was restored and

• Completed LED Streetlight Conversion for Town owned lights: A total of 915 lights around Town were converted to LED fixtures. With this conversion, the Town will consume 450,000kWh less a year which results in a $25,000 a year saving in energy costs which would be equivalent to taking 72 cars off the road. In addition, the project is expected to save $45,000 in maintenance costs as well.

• Completed LED Streetlight Conversion for FPL owned lights: A total of 1,011 FPL owned
lights were converted around Town. The Town will consume approximately 350,000 kWh less a year which is equivalent to taking 52 cars from the road and will save approximately
$1,000 in energy cost a year. This conversion will save the Town approximately $1,000 in
energy costs per year.

• Completed Windmill Gate Road Improvement Project to address the existing queening problems from vehicles to/from the existing commercial and residential areas.

• Completed the NW 82nd Avenue and Oak Lane intersection Modification Project to allow left turns and improved pedestrian crossings at this location.

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