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Title: Town of Miami Lakes Takes Additional Legal Action Against City of Hialeah and Developers Regarding NW 179th Street I-75 Overpass
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Town of Miami Lakes Takes Additional Legal Action Against City of Hialeah and Developers Regarding NW 179th Street I-75 Overpass

Miami Lakes, FL -  At the October 8 Miami Lakes Town Council meeting, the Town Council provided Town Attorney Raul Gastesi the authorization to file additional legal action and to amend the Town’s lawsuit to include action against the City of Hialeah, Lennar Corporation, and Downrite Engineering. This came after Town officials observed contractors acting under the direction of Lennar, as a result of a Development Agreement signed with the City of Hialeah, conducting unauthorized work on the Town-owned section of N.W. 170th Street all in direct violation of the Road Transfer Agreement between Miami Lakes and Miami-Dade County in effect since 2003. That Agreement specifically provides that Miami Lakes has the exclusive right to plan, design, and construct the roads within the Town limits, including NW 170th Street.

On October 2, Town officials witnessed Lennar contractors’ brazenly excavating and defacing property within the Town limits of Miami Lakes, without any notification or proper Town permits. This demonstrated irrefutable evidence that Miami-Dade County, the City of Hialeah, the Developers, and the contractors have no regard for the Road Transfer Agreement nor Miami Lakes laws regarding compliance with its ordinances. Faced with this continuing threat from the County and the additional defendants, the Town Council unanimously found that Hialeah and Lennar’s actions posed an immediate danger to the health, safety, and welfare of the Town and its residents, and significantly compromised the Town’s legal rights to manage and maintain their roads.

Consequently, the Town Council unanimously found that immediate action was necessary in order to prevent further harm and provided direction to the Town Attorney to proceed with legal action against the additional Defendants, in accordance with Florida Statute 164.1041(2). The Amended lawsuit was filed on October 16, 2019.



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