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Title: 2021 Street Tree Matching Grant 
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2021 Street Tree Matching Grant 

Miami Lakes, FL- The Town of Miami Lakes has been awarded a matching grant of $46,031 for the Miami Lakes West Lake Reforestation Phase 5 Project, as part of the 2021 Neat Streets Miami Street Tree Matching Grant (STMG) Program.

Recognized as a Sterling Tree City USA, the Town of Miami Lakes is regarded as a leader in community forestry and tree care. This Project is part of the Imagine Miami Lakes 2025 Strategic Plan and Beautification Master Plan which were approved by the Town Council with extensive resident input. The Town successfully completed the West Lake Reforestation Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 Projects in partnership with the Neat Streets Miami Street Tree Matching Grant Program. Through this partnership, the Miami Lakes West Lake Reforestation Phase 4 Project was also a success.

The Town wishes to thank the Project Team: Town Arborist Steve Poulson, Grants and Governmental Affairs Manager Renée Wilson, and Parks and Recreation Director Daniel Angel for their dedication, expertise, and hard work towards this project.

Furthermore, the County recognizes the vital role that this project will play in promoting a green recovery as we move forward into a new normal, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Million Trees Miami and Neat Streets Miami 

Launched by Neat Streets Miami, the Million Trees Miami initiative is a community-wide effort to  achieve a 30 percent tree canopy cover for Miami-Dade County. Neat Streets Miami is a multi-jurisdictional county board dedicated to the maintenance and beautification of transportation corridors, gateways, and connections.

About Miami-Dade Parks

Miami-Dade Parks is the third largest county park system in the United States, consisting of 270 parks and 13,573 acres of land. It is one of the most unique park and recreation systems in the world and focused on Placemaking, Health and Fitness and Conservation and Stewardship. The non-profit Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade supports Miami-Dade Parks’ efforts to further develop Miami-Dade County’s world-class parks system for residents and visitors.




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