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Title: Domino Tournament News
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For Immediate Release
November 26, 2013
Contact: Clarisell DeCardenas
Tel: 305-364-6100

Domino Tournament News

Miami Lakes, FL -  The Town of Miami Lakes and its Elderly Affairs Committee hosted the 2nd Annual Senior Games Domino Tournament on Friday, November 15th at the Roberto Alonso Community Center at Royal Oaks Park. Forty-eight double nine domino enthusiasts were treated to an evening full of competition and fun. Twenty-four teams took part in the tournament, sponsored by Ambert Medical Center. The games were dedicated to Moises Rangel, a long-time Miami Lakes resident and member of the Domino Club.

"The competition was intense, the atmosphere was similar to the World Championship Domino Tournament," stated Vice Mayor Manny Cid. "It was great spending quality time with our neighbors."

Father and son-in-law duo, Mike Hevia and Ramon Silverio, walked away with two gold medals and two $50 gift certificates donated by El Pimiento. Second place winners were Rolando Gutierrez and Zenon Hernandez and third place winners were Joshua Soto and Eric Feingold.



(Omelio Ramirez, Ramon Silverio, Mike Hevia, Francisco Rene Delgado, Eric Feingold, Joshua Soto,

Omelio Armas, Zenon Hernandez, Daniel Gamez, Rolando GutiĆ©rrez, Guido Inguanzo)