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Title: Get Miami Lakes "Moving Beautifully"
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For Immediate Release
November 26, 2013
Contact: Nicole Singletary
Tel: 305-364-6100

Get Miami Lakes "Moving Beautifully"

Miami Lakes, FL -  The Town of Miami Lakes continues to embody its motto: "Growing Beautifully." Nurturing its commitment to green living, and maintaining the highest quality of life for its residents, the Town has been diligently working to alleviate congestion on its busiest roadways. Through grant funding, the Town was able to purchase two new buses that will operate as part of the Town's existing transit network. The buses will provide free transportation to destinations in and around Town, converging at Main Street where both routes will connect. The service also allows passengers to connect with other transit networks including Metro-Bus and Metro-Rail.

The Miami Lakes Mover Service will run Monday through Friday during peak morning (6:00-10:00AM) and peak evening (2:15-7:00PM) travel periods, circulating every 35-40 minutes. Help get Miami Lakes "moving beautifully" by taking advantage of this new, FREE service. For more information about the Miami Lakes Mover Service, please visit .

"The goal of these new state-of-the-art buses is to increase ridership which will ultimately assist in alleviating traffic congestion," stated Vice Mayor Manny Cid "more folks riding our Town Movers means less vehicles on the road. After NW 87th Ave is paved in the upcoming weeks, we'll have an integrated route connecting the entire city."