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Title: Town of Miami Lakes Finalist for All-America City Award
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For Immediate Release
May 7, 2013
Contact: Clarisell DeCardenas
Tel: 305-364-6100

Town of Miami Lakes Finalist for All-America City Award

Miami Lakes, FL - The National Civic League has announced that the Town of Miami Lakes is a finalist for the most prestigious civic recognition, the All-America City award. The Town of Miami Lakes is one of 20 cities selected from thousands of entrants from across the nation to compete for the title. To qualify for the All-America City Award, participants submit applications describing their capacities for civic engagement, collaboration, and innovation. This year, the program is spotlighting community-wide initiatives that honor and benefit veterans and military families.

"The designation as All-America City is not only recognition of good government, but recognition of the manner in which the entire town services our community and sets an example with our values," said Mayor Michael Pizzi. "Being a finalist for the All-America City award once again confirms that the Town of Miami Lakes is among the best cities in the country," the mayor concluded.

The 2013 All-America City Awards will be held in June in Denver, Colorado. Mayor Pizzi is putting together a team to represent Miami Lakes.

"I want to commend the mayor, council and staff for working so hard for Miami Lakes, this is another example of why we are a great place to live, work, and play," said Vice Mayor Ceasar Mestre.

"I think this is an exciting opportunity for Miami Lakes, I know we are going to prevail at this year's competition," said Councilman Tony Lama.

Councilman Lama's comments were echoed by Councilman Nelson Rodriguez who said, "Being nominated for the All-America City Award is testament to our schools, our committees, and all of the volunteers."