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Labor Market

Thanks to an increasingly diversified economy, the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) leads the State of Florida in job growth, and Florida has led the nation in the creation of new jobs for more than 5 years. The State of Florida also has the fastest rate of job growth and the lowest unemployment rate among the ten most populous states.

  Education Level  
  Total Labor Force 15,665
  Population 18 to 24 years 2,937
  Less than high school graduate 7.6%
  High school graduate (includes equivalency) 19.3%
  Some college or associate's degree 51.9%
  Bachelor's degree or higher 21.3%
  Population 25 years and over 19,648
  Less than 9th grade 5.9%
  9th to 12th grade, no diploma 3.0%
  High school graduate (includes equivalency) 22.7%
  Some college, no degree 22.7%
  Associate's Degree 13.3%
  Bachelor's Degree 22.0%
  Graduate or professional degree 10.4%
  Percent high school graduate or higher 91.1%
  Percent bachelor's degree or higher 32.4%