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The Elderly Affairs Committee was created to assist the Town with identifying the needs of the elderly residents in Miami Lakes. The Committee focuses on the development of programs serving the elderly, such as the Senior Health and Wellness Fair, Community Forums, and Social Events. 

The Elderly Affairs Committee meets monthly at Town Hall (6601 Main Street, Miami Lakes, Florida 33014). For the schedule visit www.miamilakes-fl.gov/calendar.
Dottie Wix Chair
Lourdes Corvo Vice-Chair
Ryan Holland Secretary
Alexandra Alonso Member            Aida McCarthy Member
Alex Ariano Member   Rosario Navarro Member
OPEN Member   Michael Salem Member
Marie Deming Member   Sarah Suarez Member
Jacqueline Lebeda Member   Nancy Rogers Member
OPEN Member   Dave Oliver Member
Gabby Verdial-Pinera Member   OPEN Member
Pedro Fiallo Member   OPEN Member
Omaida Bomboust Member      
Xiomara Castilla Member      


Jerry's Squad Hurricane Preparedness Assistance Application Form

Jerry's Squad Hurricane Preparedness Assistance Volunteer Application Form  

William Sanchez
Committees & Special Events Coordinator
Tel: (305) 364-6100
Email: sanchezw@miamilakes-fl.govv
For updates on times and location please visit the Town Calendar.
For recent event photos visit, I Heart Miami Lakes.


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Both COVID-19 and the seasonal flu pose dangers to seniors’ health. Fortunately, home-proofing measures such as disinfecting frequently touched surfaces help keep them safe.

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