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Criminal History and Fingerprinting Services
As a town resident we provide these services free of charge. You can come in person without an appointment or preferably call in advance at 305-827-4020. There are issues that arise such as a physical address that does not fall within the Town of Miami Lakes boundaries that can be addressed if you call first.
For fingerprinting services make sure that you bring your own fingerprint card. We do not provide any fingerprinting cards. These fingerprinting cards can be obtained from the individual or company that are requesting your prints.
Criminal history checks with a clearance letter can be obtained without an appointment. If the clearance letter is for Immigrations purposes please respond to our Central Records Bureau located at 9105 NW 25th Street or you can call them at 305-471-2085 for more information.
A valid Florida Driver License or Identification Card to establish your residency in the town is required before any services can be rendered. If your address does not fall within the town boundaries then you will be required to go to the Miami Dade Police Department Northwest District located at 5975 E Miami Lakes Drive or you can call them at 305-698-1500 for an appointment.

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