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Welcome to the Town of Miami Lakes Internship Resource Center. This page is dedicated to providing resources for local employers looking to develop internship programs and for students in search of internship opportunities. We invite you to become familiar with the information available on this page and encourage you to continue learning about all the great benefits internships have to offer for students as well as employers.

Employer Resources
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Intern Recruitment
Once the framework for an internship program is set in place, the next step is to recruit top local talent. South Florida is home to an array of great colleges and universities. Each educational institution typically will have a Career Services Department as well as dedicated staff that can assist with the recruitment of student interns within their institution. They can help match students with available internship opportunities in your company.

Talent Development Network (Miami)
Talent Development Network matches Miami's local students with internships at top employers in fast-growing career fields that include:

  • Aviation
  • Creative design
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Banking and Finance
  • Information technology
  • Life sciences and health care
  • Trade and Logistics

Supported by Miami's major academic institutions - Barry University, Florida International University, Florida Memorial University, Miami Dade College, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, St. Thomas University and University of Miami - TDN is uniquely suited for its mission: fostering an environment of growth and success through internships for the South Florida region.

Click Here to register your company and participate in this great local initiative!

Here are some keys contacts at local colleges and universities that can help with recruitment efforts:

-FIU (Florida International University)
Career Services ---Main Campus
Point of Contact: Efigenia Gonzalez-Duran
Title: Associate Director, Employer Relations
Phone: 305-348-2423
Email: egduran@fiu.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal/Other Information

Career Services---Biscayne Bay Campus
Point of Contact: Harold Clayton
Title: Associate Director, Career Services
Phone: 305-919-5770
Email: heclayto@fiu.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal/Other Information


-UM (University of Miami)
UM Topple Career Center
Point of Contact: Anna Kenney
Title: Assistant Director, Internships|
Phone: 305-284-5451
Email: toppel-internships@miami.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal


-St. Thomas University
Point of Contact: Christina Lopez
Title: Director, Career Services
Phone: 305-628-6688
Email: cclopez@stu.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal


-Barry University
Point of Contact: Joyce Carpio
Title: Employee Relations Coordinator, Career Development Center
Phone: 305-899-4842
Email: jcarpio@barry.edu
Career Services Website


-Florida Memorial University
Point of Contact: Athena Jackson
Title: Director, Career Development Center
Phone: 305-626-3782
Email: athena.jackson@fmuniv.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal


-Miami Dade College
Career Services—Wolfson Campus
Point of Contact: Tony Guzman
Title: Career Advisor, Wolfson Campus
Phone: 305-237-7049
Email: aguzman4@mdc.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal


-DeVry University
Point of Contact: Antonio Cobas
Title: Director of Career Services 
Phone: 954-499-7872
Email: acobas@devry.edu
Career Services Website


-Keiser University
Point of Contact: Carmen M. Perez-Padron
Title: Director of Student Services
Phone: 305-596-2226
Email: cperez@keiseruniversity.edu
Career Services Website


-Miami International University of Art & Design
Point of Contact: Lindsey Rodriguez|
Title: Director of Career Services
Phone: 305-428-5959
Email: lmrodriguez@aii.edu
Career Services Website


-NSU (Nova Southeastern University)
Point of Contact: Diane Kline
Title: Associate Director of Career Development
Phone: 954-262-7203
Email: kdiane@nova.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal


-FAU (Florida Atlantic University)
Point of Contact: Jennifer Blythe
Title: Internships Interim Director, Boca Raton Campus
Phone: 561-297-3533
Email: jblythe@fau.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal


-Broward College
Point of Contact: Shermone L. Mitchell
Title: Career Center (Director of Academic Affairs)
Phone: 954-201-7515
Email: ccn@broward.edu
Career Services Website
Employer Registration Portal


Student Interns
Adding an internship component to your higher education efforts can be greatly beneficial for your professional career. Internships offer valuable opportunities to bring your textbook knowledge out of the classroom and into the workplace. More importantly, internships give you field experience and help you establish professional working relationships that have the potential to produce viable work opportunities upon the completion of your degree.

Searching for Internship Opportunities

A great place to start your internship search is with the help of your school’s Career Services Department. These departments are staffed with professionals that can assist you with everything from preparing a resume to connecting you with employers that are actively looking for student interns. Make sure that you visit your school’s Career Services Department and gain access to all of their resources available to students, recent graduates and alumni.

You can also do an external search for internship opportunities which can be done at your own pace and time. Here are some external links to consider:

NOTE --- These are external sites. The Town of Miami Lakes does not endorse any specific site, use at your own discretion

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