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About Us

The Finance Department records and reports the financial transactions of the Town in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles applicable to governmental entities.  This includes activities such as the preparation of financial statements and other reports, cash management, revenue collection, disbursements, payroll, audit coordination and risk management, as well as aiding with the preparation and monitoring of the annual budget. 

The Town’s Finance Department provides support on financial and fiscal matters and strives toward the accomplishment of its goals which include the following:

  • Maintain proper accountability over the Town's financial resources.
  • Ensure proper implementation of financial and accounting practices for the effective and efficient use of the Town's financial resources.
  • Prepare accurate and timely financial reports on the Town's financial condition.

In an ongoing effort to bring more transparency to the Town's finances, we have added a monthly check register section (below), which will be updated monthly to include a full listing of Town's checks issued during the prior month. We invite the public to take a look through the Town's books on a regular basis.

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