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Bicycling Initiatives

Bicycle Miami Lakes
The Miami Lakes Greenways and Trails Master Plan proposes the addition of over 18 miles of improved sidewalks, bikeways and intersections. The plan’s recommendations cater to all users. It is the plan’s goal that travel by bicycle can become a more viable option for our resident’s transportation needs, in addition to adding recreational and health benefits to the community.

Although today commuting to work via bike may be a challenge, it is our goal for you to be able to leave the stress of the wheel behind and use our ever expanding bike network for your daily needs. We encourage you to stay informed about pending infrastructure improvements as well as bike activities in Town.

For more information about bicycling options in Miami Lakes, contact transportationlist@miamilakes-fl.gov or (305)364-6100.


Bicycling Laws and Safety Tips
Ride on the roadways, not the sidewalk. Sidewalk riding is two times more dangerous than road riding as motorists do not expect bicyclists at roadway and driveway intersections. Bicyclists may ride on sidewalks but must yield to pedestrians [§316.2065(11)].

Always ride on the right half of the roadway [§316.081] in the same direction as traffic. Riding against motorist traffic increases the risk a cyclist will get hit two to four times. A cyclist may be cited for riding against the flow of traffic, the same as an automobile.

Obey all traffic control devices – signs, markings and traffic signals [§316.074].

You must equip your bicycle with a front white light and a rear red light when traveling between dusk and dawn [§316.2065(8)]

You must not wear headsets, headphones or listening devices, other than a hearing aid [§316.304].

You must NOT use a bicycle to carry more persons at a time than that for which the bicycle was designed or equipped. Bicycle pegs are not acceptable for carrying a person [§316.2065(3)].

Always wear a securely fastened, properly fitted bicycle helmet if the rider or passenger is under 16 years of age [§316.2065(3)(d,e)].

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