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Transportation Initiatives

Feedback received from both the Transportation Summit and the Community Forum were used to develop the Town's Transportation Initiatives, which is designed to address mobility issues within the Town of Miami Lakes. To get more information on each of these initiatives, click on the pins located in the map below.

Miami Lakes Transportation Map


The Town of Miami Lakes is situated in the North West area of Miami-Dade County and it serves approximately 30,000 residents and 1,500 businesses. Access into the town is primarily via the Palmetto Expressway, I-75, and the Gratigny Expressway. These various expressways provide multiple approaches to the Town of Miami Lakes, but also limit the internal mobility within it; providing only one road that connects the east and the west side of Town.

Traffic congestion is the most common concern for both residents and businesses in Miami Lakes. The Town recognizes that assuring adequate mobility for residents, workers, and visitors requires a focus on all modes of transportation.

As an initiative of Councilman Nelson Rodriguez and the previous Vice Mayor Tony Lama, a Transportation Summit was held in 2015, in order to bring together the relevant stakeholders and experts of all agencies responsible for transportation. The Summit was designed to focus intensely on specific problems, while ensuring that all agencies’ actions are strategically coordinated to achieve optimal solutions. Town elected officials and staff were joined by the Florida Department of Transportation, Miami-Dade Transit, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, Miami-Dade County Public Works, Miami-Dade Tranportation Planning Organization, South Florida Commuter Services, and the Town's civil/traffic engineering consultants Kimley-Horn and Associates and Corradino and Associates, to brainstorm and discuss possible ways to relieve congestion/mobility issues present in the Town.

Following the Transportation Summit with elected officials and staff, the Town hosted a Community Forum on Transportation to provide a recap of the Town’s Transportation Summit and the strategies voted upon to be included in the Town's 2015-2025 Strategic Plan.

For adopted strategies with funding estimates, click here

For presentations made at the Community Forum, click pdf here (1.96 MB)

Transportation Summit Presentations:

I. Commissioner Esteban Bovo – Long Term County Vision

II. pdf Town of Miami Lakes, Brandon Schaad, Planning Director (6.25 MB)

a. Description of the Problem
b. Town Policies & Initiatives
c. Ideas to Generate Discussion

III. pdf Kimley-Horn & Associates, Jill Capelli and K.K. Saxena (3.18 MB)

a. Congestion factors
b. Adaptive signals technology

IV. pdf Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, Juan Toledo, Deputy Director/Director of Engineering and Tere Garcia, Public Information Officer (1002 KB)

a. Gratigny Expressway

V. pdf Florida Department of Transportation, Lisa Colmenares, District VI Planning Manager (6.77 MB)

a. Work Program Projects
b. Palmetto Expressway and Intersection Impacts at 154th St., 67th Ave. and 57th Ave.

VI. pdf Miami-Dade Transit, Gerald Bryan, Chief of Planning and Scheduling and Albert Hernandez Assistant Director for Engineering and Planning Development (1.90 MB)

a. Overview of Transit Service in the Area
b. Transit Development Program / Planned Projects

VII. Miami-Dade County Public Works, Frank Aira, Chief of Traffic Signals and Signs, Joan Shen, Chief of Traffic Engineering and Antonio Cotarelo, County Engineer/Deputy Director

a. Improvements planned

VIII. Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Carlos Roa, Executive Director

IX. pdf South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS), Nancy Pierre-Louis and Sabrina Glen, Deputy Project Director (1.80 MB)

a. Miami Lakes TDM Partnership
b. Alternative Modes Marketing Campaign

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