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  • Miami Lakes Hurricane Information
Hurricane Information

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Hurricane season in the Atlantic Region begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th. South Florida residents are always encouraged to develop and review their personal hurricane preparedness plans and have the right supplies in place. After a storm, roads can be difficult to navigate and help might take some time to arrive. Therefore, all residents must be ready to survive on your own for a minimum of 72 hours without electricity or water. Please take the time necessary to prepare yourself and your family NOW, because there may not be sufficient time once we are threatened with a hurricane or any hazardous tropical weather event.

According to the National Hurricane Center, increased awareness of hazardous tropical weather and its potential impacts are “vital to the public and those emergency managers charged with safeguarding lives and property.” In its efforts to prepare for hurricane season, The Town of Miami Lakes developed a dynamic Hurricane Plan comprised of various sections that is maintained and revised on a yearly basis. The Plan follows National Incident Management System (NIMS) guidelines to ensure effective communication, resource management, and recovery efforts.  To access the Town's Hurricane Plan, click on the following link:  pdf Town of Miami Lakes Basic Hurricane Plan (3.21 MB)

Section III of the Town's Hurricane Plan includes important Federal, State, County, and Town related resources including, but not limited to, FEMA's Emergency Management Guide for Business & Industry, Florida's Disaster Handbook, and Emergency Management Plan. Of special interest to our residents are the attachments showing lists of gas stations and grocery stores powered by generators, evacuation centers, bus pick up points, and a Miami Lakes road assessment and debris removal map. Some of these key resources can be accessed directly by clicking the links below:


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Prepare for Hurricanes Now

  • Know what to do before, during, and after a hurricane.
  • Prepare before hurricane season starts. Pacific hurricane season starts May 15 and Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1.
  • Create an emergency communication plan with your family before a hurricane.
  • Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in the car.
  • Check your insurance coverage, damages caused by flooding are not covered under normal homeowner’s insurance policies. 
  • Know your local community’s evacuation plan and evacuation routes and how to receive alerts.
  • Listen to local officials.
  • Download the FEMA app to get weather alerts straight to your phone.


Federal Resources

-Emergency Management Guide Business & Industry

  pdf -Florida's Emergency Management Plan - Emergency Support Function Annex (5.43 MB)


State of Florida Resources

  pdf -Florida Disaster Handbook (1.22 MB)


Miami Dade County Resources

  pdf - (3.16 MB) Miami Dade County Hurricane Guide pdf (3.16 MB)

-Hospitals (Map)

-Pet Friendly Evacuation Centers (Pre-Registration Application)

-MD County Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program (Application)


Town of Miami Lakes Resources

  pdf -Town Road Assessment and Debris Removal Map (1.07 MB)

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