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  • Elections in Miami Lakes
Election Information

Municipal Election Information

The Town Council shall consist of the Mayor and Six At-Large Councilmembers, who are elected to four-year terms on a non-partisan basis. Councilmembers shall serve in seats numbered 1-6 collectively “Seats” and councilmembers shall be elected at-large. General Elections are held every two years, on even-numbered years, on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

If a candidate for Mayor or for an open Councilmember Seat receives a number of votes greater than 50% of the total number of ballots cast, such candidate shall be duly elected to the Town Council and no Runoff Election shall be required for that seat. A Runoff Election, if necessary, shall be held 21 calendar days after the general election. If necessary, the ballot for Runoff Election shall contain the names of the two candidates for Mayor, and the names of the candidates for each open Councilmember Seat, who received the most votes in the general election. The ballot shall instruct electors to cast one vote for Mayor and to cast one vote for each open Councilmember Seat, with a maximum of one vote per candidate. The candidate for Mayor and the candidate for the open Councilmember Seat receiving the most votes shall be duly elected. 

Only electors of the Town who have resided continuously on the town for at least two years preceding their Qualifying Dates shall be eligible to hold the Office of Mayor or Councilmember. Candidates shall qualify for the municipal election in the office of the Town Clerk, 660 1 Main Street, Miami Lakes, Florida, 33014. 

2018 General Election

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2018 Elections

2016 Elections

2016 Special Elections

2014 Elections

2013 Special Elections

pdf Special Election 2013 Results Summary (23 KB)

pdf Special Election 2013 Results by Precinct (117 KB)

2013 Election Candidates/Campaign Reports

  David Bennett pdf PDF (7.04 MB)
  Luis Espinosa pdf PDF (13.46 MB)
  Nelson Hernandez pdf PDF (20.86 MB)
  Edwin Romero pdf PDF (7.44 MB)
  Wayne Slaton pdf PDF (7.84 MB)
  Councilmember - Seat 4  
  Lorenzo Cobiella pdf PDF (8.29 MB)
  Frank Mingo pdf PDF (9.48 MB)
  Star Rodriguez pdf PDF (11.68 MB)


 Political Action Committees

  Citizens for Ethical and Effective Leadership pdf PDF (2.71 MB)
  Tell the Public the Facts Inc. pdf PDF (3.38 MB)

2012 Elections

pdf Miami Lakes 2012 Official Election Results (262 KB)

pdf 2012 Election Qualifying Book (6.63 MB)

pdf Council Member District Map (499 KB)

2012 Election Candidates/Campaign Reports

  Michael Pizzi pdf PDF (10.23 MB)
  Wayne Slaton pdf PDF (3.29 MB)
  Residential Councilmember - Seat 1  
  David Bennett pdf PDF (3.52 MB)
  Nelson Rodriguez pdf PDF (3.89 MB)
  Residential Councilmember - Seat 3  
  Richard Pulido pdf PDF (5.26 MB)
  Tony Lama pdf PDF (8.28 MB)
  At Large Councilmember - Seat 5  
  Manny Cid pdf PDF (4.40 MB)
  Mary Collins pdf PDF (2.89 MB)


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