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As part of an ongoing effort to become the model for transparency in government, the Town of Miami Lakes will now be posting status updates on initiatives and proposals discussed at Council Meetings.

"One of the roles the council plays is to provide oversight and to ensure resident services are being delivered and that initiatives are being properly prioritized," said Councilman Tony Lama who proposed the initiative. “In my business we regularly use dashboards to track performance. With the help of the manager and staff, we have compiled a list of initiatives to do just that for our municipal services and initiatives. What's great is that residents will also have access to this data and know how their tax dollars are being used. We are striving for maximum transparency."

This report provides information on the sponsoring Councilman or staff member, along with next steps and actions to be taken. The report will be updated on a monthly basis after each Council Meeting. To view the most recent copy of this report, click the link below to download it.

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