The Technology and Innovation Office (T&IO) provides technology services, infrastructure, and telecommunications for all departments in Town Hall and facilities.  Additionally, the T&IO seeks to deliver the best possible user experience for residents, businesses, visitors, and Town employees. The T&IO utilizes state-of-the-art tools and innovative methods to develop world-class IT infrastructure and applications that meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Our IT principles and efforts align with the Town’s strategic plan, Imagine Miami Lakes, as we strive to become one of the leading technology offices in the county. This alignment has enabled us to continue to positively impact our growing and diverse community in areas such as transparency and communications. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our residents by rethinking the way the Town uses technology, people, and processes to fundamentally change our performance.

The Innovation and Technology Office is comprised of one (1) executive and an IT services management contractor. Unlike the “traditional” government IT department, the T&IO is responsible for a broad spectrum of services to both internal and external customers. These range from classic IT services, such as computer support, enterprise applications, cybersecurity, data networks, as well as spearhead the Town’s digital transformation, business processes improvements, and operational excellence efforts across the Town. Other responsibilities include managing all aspects of the Town’s Strategic Plan and exploring and implementing new and existing technologies across all departments.


Applications and Web Support

Manage all software applications deployed within the Town administration, including applications within Town Hall and Parks. Provide website backend support and troubleshooting.

Streaming Service & GIS Support

Monitor and support Town Council meeting, Planning & Zoning meetings, and Committee Meetings audio/video streaming services, including support to all social media platforms and Town’s website. Support the GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) analytical and intelligence tool.

Server Administration Services

Manage Servers and Clients infrastructure, including desktop and mobile computer hardware, tablets and smartphones devices, operating systems, system management utilities, Internet of Things (IoT) and client-server infrastructure. Maintain Databases and Storage system infrastructure and high-availability and Cloud computing and Virtualization which includes private and external cloud services, server and client virtualization systems.

Network & Telecommunications

Manage Network infrastructure supporting and managing more than 100 accounts (comprise of internal and external users), as well as all voice telecommunication devices, platforms, and systems, including but not limited to VoIP Cisco devices, voice mail system, and automated call flow.

Emergency Response and Cybersecurity

Manage the development and implementation of security policy, standards, guidelines, and procedures, including network security architecture, network access and monitoring policies, employee education and awareness, and more. Oversee network security 3rd parties and vendors who safeguard the Town’s assets, and information systems. Oversee incident response planning as well as the investigation of security breaches and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches as necessary. Provide emergency technical, communication, and IT support services in the event of emergency situations.

Strategic Planning, Performance and Innovation

Lead the Town-wide strategic initiatives, programs, and special projects. Focus on the Town’s long-term future and high priority strategic objectives. Explore growth opportunities and innovative solutions, assist diverse teams to embrace new ideas, increase efficiency in government and provide support for the Town Manager, Council, and the broader organization. Deploy continuous improvement methodologies (e.g.: Lean and Six Sigma) to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence in the organization. Ensure suitable metrics and key performance indicators are in place to measure performance and progress.

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