Special Election Runoff (4/30/2024)

As per Section 5.1(c) of the Town Charter, public notice is hereby given that a Special Election Runoff has been called and ordered to be held within the Town on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 to fill the vacancy of Seat 6 to Town Council.



Gina M. Inguanzo has served as Town Clerk of the Town of Miami Lakes since 2015. Inguanzo was born in Puerto Rico and is of Cuban descent, and has been a Miami Lakes resident since 2001 where she has raised her three children with her husband. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration, and a Juris Doctorate & later on a Master’s in Law from Georgetown University. After practicing law in Puerto Rico & Washington D.C., she moved to Miami and became an Immigration Attorney.


Pursuant to the Town Charter, the Town Clerk shall give notice of all Council meetings to its members and the public and shall keep minutes of the Council’s proceedings. The Town Clerk shall perform such other duties as the Town Manager, or the Council may prescribe from time to time. The Town Clerk shall report to the Town Manager. The Town Clerk is responsible for keeping and distributing the official Town Record.

Public Records

In accordance with Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Laws, the Town of Miami Lakes municipal records shall be transparent and open for inspection from anyone. All public records requests received by the Town of Miami Lakes will be directed to Records Custodian: Gina Inguanzo, Town Clerk and/or Victoria Martinez, Deputy Town Clerk.



Department Staff

Victoria Martinez

Deputy Town Clerk & Assistant to the Town Council