Charter Officers

Office of Town Manager

The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council to serve as the Town’s Chief Administrative Official and provide leadership to the Town’s full-time and part-time employees. All municipal and Town department functions are managed by the Town Manager in close collaboration with Department Directors who ensure the Town is operating efficiently and fiscally sound.

Office of the Town Manager 

Office of Town Clerk

In accordance with the Town Charter, the Town Clerk shall give notice of all Council meetings to Council members and the public. The Town Clerk also maintains minutes of all Council meetings and performs other duties prescribed by the Town Manager or the Council. The Town Clerk reports to the Town Manager and is responsible for maintaining and distributing official Town Records. Town Clerks also serve as the Supervisor of Elections.

Office of the Clerk

Office of Town Attorney

The Town Attorney is one of the three Charter positions in the Town, appointed by the Town Council. The Town Attorney provides legal advice and serves as counsel to the Town’s elected public officials, appointed officials, departments and all authorities, boards, and committees.

Office of the Attorney