Special Election Runoff (4/30/2024)

As per Section 5.1(c) of the Town Charter, public notice is hereby given that a Special Election Runoff has been called and ordered to be held within the Town on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 to fill the vacancy of Seat 6 to Town Council.


The Code Compliance Division is responsible for assuring that all commercial, industrial and residential properties comply with the Town’s Code, to ensure that the quality of life and property values continue to rise and the community continues “Growing Beautifully”.

The Code Compliance Division’s mission is to create an “Education First Process” for our residents. One of the Division’s objectives is to emphasize closer coordination with the Police Department which will ensure that residents continue to enjoy a safe and beautiful environment.

Town Code

The Miami Lakes Town Code of Ordinances is the official set of rules and regulations that governs the town of Miami Lakes, Florida.

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Case Search

Visit the eTRAKit Web Portal to search our records for information on past or present code violations.

eTRAKit Web Portal

Submit a Complaint

If you have an emergency dial 911 immediately.  To make a property-related complaint, you may do so on the Miami Lakes Connect Mobile App or contact the Code Compliance Office at (305) 512-7130 or email at codecompliance@miamilakes-fl.gov

As of July 1, 2021, Florida law (Senate Bill 60) prohibits code inspectors from initiating investigations of potential violations of codes and ordinances by way of anonymous complaints. It also requires persons reporting potential violations to provide contact information before an investigation occurs. If the code enforcement officer has reason to believe the alleged violation presents an imminent threat to public health, safety, or welfare or imminent destruction of habitat or sensitive resources, then the prohibition does not apply.

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Code Process

A Code Officer initiates a case when:

  • a violation is observed.
  • a resident alerts them to a violation (by phone, email, online).
  • a town staff/department initiates a case.

Complaints from identifiable sources are inspected and verified by a code officer and if a violation exists, the code officer takes further action toward obtaining voluntary compliance.

For more details on the Code Compliance Process follow this link.

Garage Sale Guide

Per Town Code, garage sales, estate sales, moving sales and yard sales shall not be deemed commercial activities and will be permitted, so long as they are conducted on the residential property no more than four days per calendar year, per home, regardless of any change in ownership throughout the one-year period and involve the sale of normal household items only.

Garage Sale Guide

When is a permit required?

The specific projects that require a building permit under the Florida Building Code can vary, and it’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive. Permit requirements may change, and it’s always advisable to check with the building department for the most up-to-date information.

The following projects require a building permit:

New Construction
Any new residential, commercial, or industrial building typically requires a permit.
Structural Changes
Permits are usually needed for alterations that involve changes to the structural components of a building, such as walls, beams, columns, or foundations.
Adding new rooms, expanding the footprint of a building, or constructing additional floors usually requires a permit.
Demolishing a structure typically requires a permit to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.
Replacing or significantly repairing a roof often requires a permit.
Electrical Work
Installing or modifying electrical systems, including wiring, panels, and fixtures, usually requires a permit.
Plumbing Work
Installing, altering, or repairing plumbing systems, including piping and fixtures, generally requires a permit.
HVAC Systems
Installing or replacing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems typically requires a permit.
Swimming Pools and Spas
Constructing new pools or spas, as well as significant modifications to existing ones, usually requires a permit.
Fences and Walls
Building or replacing fences and walls requires a permit, especially if they exceed certain height limits.
Windows and Doors
Installing or replacing windows and doors requires a permit, particularly if there are structural changes involved.
Solar Panel Installation
Installing solar panels on a property typically requires a permit.
Erecting or modifying signs often requires a permit to ensure compliance with local regulations.
Accessibility Modifications
Making alterations to improve accessibility for people with disabilities usually requires a permit.
Change of Use
Changing the use of a building or space (e.g., converting an office space into a medical space) often requires a permit.
This list is a general overview, and the specific requirements may vary based on scope of work.
Always consult with the building department for precise information relevant to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Code Compliance FAQ

What should I do if I receive a Citation?

It is important to make contact with the Officer noted on the Citation; you may contact the Officer by calling 305-512-7130.

If I receive a Warning of Violation and do not have sufficient time to comply, can I request an extension?

Yes, you may request an extension of time for a Warning of Violation. Your request must be made in writing and addressed to the Code Officer (Contact Information page provides all valuable information for each Officer).

Can I file an anonymous complaint?

As of 2021, Florida law mandates that individuals reporting potential code violations must now provide their name and address to the local jurisdiction before an investigation can commence.

Do I need a permit to conduct a garage sale?

Yes, the Town permits four (4) garage sales per year.

Can I place signs to advertise my garage sale?

Only one (1) sign is allowed to be placed inside the property, the Town’s Code prohibits the placement of signs on the swales, medians, public right-of-ways, sidewalks or trees.

Can I keep my boat parked/stored on my property?

Boats may be parked or stored only in the garage with the garage door fully closed. Boats may be brought to the property for a period of less than 24 hours to clean, load or unload and must be hitched to the vehicle and may not obstruct the sidewalk or public right-of-way.

Can I park or store a commercial vehicle on my property?

Commercial vehicles are prohibited; commercial vehicles may be stored inside the garage with the garage door fully closed. For information on commercial vehicle classifications please contact the Code Compliance Department.

I would like to purchase a property and would like to know if there are any open permits and or code violations, where can I apply for a response?

You may request a Lien Letter, this letter will provide information pertaining to any open or expired permits and any open/pending violations including lien amounts of fines if applicable.

Are pigeons, chickens or livestock permitted?

Harboring pigeons, chickens or livestock is prohibited.

Where do I call if I need to schedule a bulky waste pick-up?

Residents of the Town are eligible to two (2) bulky waste pick-ups per year. You may schedule your pick-up by conveniently calling 311 from your phone (a confirmation number will be provided).

Is parking on the swale area permitted?

Parking of vehicles on the swale area is prohibited between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. Routine overnight inspections are conducted by officers to ensure that the swale areas are free of vehicles.

Where can I call to report a mosquito problem?

You may report mosquito problems by calling 311; you will need to provide the general location of the problem. A Mosquito Control Inspector will investigate and if a problem is detected will schedule treatments.

Department Staff

Lourdes Sosa

Code Compliance Case Manager

Franco Giannattasio

Code Compliance Officer - Weekends

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