Records Request & Open Government

Open government and transparency are essential principles that promote accountability, public trust, and the accessibility of information in the decision-making process.

Public Records Request

All public records requests received by the Town of Miami Lakes will be directed to:

Contact Information:
Phone: (305) 364-6100
Fax: (305) 558-6066

Mailing Address: Office of the Town Clerk, 6601 Main Street, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Public Records Center

Public Notices

Beginning in 2024, Miami Lakes residents have more ways to track what is going on in their community as legal notices migrate from their traditional location in local newspapers to a new dedicated venue on the Town’s website.

Town of Miami Lakes Public Notices

Public Comments

The Town of Miami Lakes offers the option for remote public comments, providing residents with a convenient way to participate in local discussions and voice their opinions without the need to attend in-person meetings.

  • Pre-Recorded Public Comments
Public Comments Web Portal

Transparent Miami Lakes

Transparent Miami Lakes, the Town’s financial transparency portal, provides greater access to the Town’s financial information. Updated daily, the interactive website offers user-friendly visualizations of the Town of Miami Lakes’s expenditure and revenue information for the current fiscal year, as well as a historical view of previous years.

Open Finance Web Portal

Watch Meetings

Town of Miami Lakes meetings are available for viewing online, making them easily accessible to the community.

Regular Town Council Meetings

Planning & Zoning Meetings

Town Committee Meetings