Please note that there is NO residential boil water order in effect.

If you want to know more about the water quality you may call the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department Laboratory at 786-552-4738.

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Resolution 23-1964

A resolution naming podium in Town Hall Council Chamber in honor of Mirtha Mendez.

pdfResolution 23-1964
Town Charter

Town Charter

The Charter outlines the powers of the town, establishes the form of government, administrative departments, financial procedures, elections and more.  The Town Charter cannot be amended without a referendum.

pdfTown Charter

RES 23-1962

pdfRES 23-1962

RES 23-1961

pdfRES 23-1961

Resolution 23-1897

A resolution approving the award of a contract for sports field lighting wooden pole reinforcement services to FRP Construction, LLC in an amount not to exceed $74,195.00 pdfResolution 23-1897

Resolution 23-1898

A resolution approving the award of a contract for ITB 2023-07R, Mary Collins Community Center cabinet replacement to Dynamic Builders, Corp. pdfResolution 23-1898

Resolution 23-1899

A resolution of approving the award of a contract for design services for Miami Lakes Park West bicycle and pedestrian improvements project, RFQ 2022-11 to Chen Moore and Associates, Inc. pdfResolution 23-1899

Resolution 23-1900

A resolution authorizing a work order, pursuant to contract 2021-43 for civil engineering and related services with Marlin Engineering, Inc. for the Miami Lakes Fairway Drive bike lanes and crosswalks improvements project. pdfResolution 23-1900

Resolution 23-1901

A resolution condemning the actions of Major League Baseball and the Florida Marlins stifling free speech during the USA vs. Cuba, World Baseball Classic Game. pdfResolution 23-1901

Resolution 23-1902

A resolution relating to the passage of House Bill 949, relating to the operation of golf carts. pdfResolution 23-1902

RES 23-1904

A resolution authorizing a work prder, pursuant to contract 2021-43 for civil engineering and related services, with Caltran Engineering Group, Inc. for Royal Lakes first addition drainage improvements construction, engineering, and inspection services. pdfRES 23-1904

Resolution 23-1903

A resolution deleting the Miami-Dade County Sheriff Ordinance Ad-Hoc Review Committee Sunset Date. pdfResolution 23-1903