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The Town of Miami Lakes encourages all residents to sign up for Alert Miami Lakes, our mass notification system. When you sign up with Alert Miami Lakes you can select to receive emergency alerts that affect your area as well as other public alerts issued across the State and Country by other emergency officials. Sign up here.


The Parks & Recreation Department in Miami Lakes is committed to providing well-maintained parks and green spaces for residents to enjoy. In addition to playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, the town provides a variety of amenities and programs which promote a healthy lifestyle and foster a sense of community.

Miami Lakes Optimist Park

Multi-purposeful park with 4 baseball fields and 1 softball field, 2 soccer fields, 2 flag football fields, 4 outdoor basketball courts, 4 outdoor tennis courts, 1/4 mile lighted walking path, three picnic pavilions, and 3 batting cages with lighting. Pavilion and athletic fields are available for private rentals on weekends.

Location: 6411 NW 162nd Street, Miami Lakes, FL

Miami Lakes Optimist Park Details

Pavilion & Athletic Field Rental Information

Athletic Programs: Basketball, Tennis, Tee Ball & Baseball, Softball, Flag Football


Find a map of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) here.

Picnic Park East

Picnic Park East is home to Youth Center; The Spot. The Miami Lakes Youth Center is aimed at providing a fun, safe and positive environment for the youth of our town to interact amongst themselves and the community.

Location: 6075 Miami Lakes Drive, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Picnic Park East Details

Facility Rental Information

Programs: Open Hang Nights, Field Trips, Youth Center Council

Find a map of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) here.

Royal Oaks Park

Multi-purpose park with 4 athletic fields for soccer and flag football, open playfield areas, tot lot and playground area, picnic pavilions, 3/4 mile exercise and bike trail, butterfly garden and concession stand. Royal Oaks Park is home to Roberto Alonso Community Center and Bre’s Courtyard.

Location: 16500 NW 87th Avenue, Miami Lakes, FL 33018

Royal Oaks Park Details

Pavilion, Facility & Athletic Field Rental Information

Athletic Programs: Soccer, Flag Football


Find a map of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) here.

Veterans Park

Passive park with two recently updated pavilions, half court basketball court, lighted walking path, playground, ENERGI™ Total Body Fitness System, and Lifetrail® Advanced Wellness System. Site includes the Mary Collins Community Center. Pavilions are available for private rentals on the weekends.

Location: 15151 NW 82 Avenue, Miami Lakes, FL 33016

Veterans Park Details

Pavilion Rental Information


Find a map of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) here.


There are six passive parks with lakefront beaches making Miami Lakes one of the most unique parks systems in Miami-Dade county.


  • P27, 6786 Crooked Palm Terrace
  • p32, 7320 Twin Sabal Drive
  • P67, 8560 Mentieth Terrace
  • P8, 14105 Lake Childs Court
  • P21, 6890 White Oak Drive
  • P81, 8560 Breckness Place

K-9 Cove

The Miami Lakes K9 Cove dog recreation area is a designated space for dogs to run, play, and socialize. There are separate areas for large and small dogs, as well as agility equipment for dogs to enjoy. Human companions can also relax while watching their dogs play on benches and shaded areas in the park.

Location: NW 82nd Avenue and Palmetto Frontage Road


Responsible Pet Ownership


Pavilion | Facility Athletic Field

Facility rentals in Miami Lakes offer a range of options for individuals and organizations looking to host a gathering or event. From indoor community center to outdoor pavilions to athletic field, there are facilities available to accommodate various needs.

For Rental Information visit the Parks & Recreation Reservation Portal.

Community Centers:

  • Roberto Alonso Community Center: Small Room (up to 50 guests), Medium Room (up to 90 guests), Large Room (up to 130 guests)
  • Youth Center: Center (up to 90 guests)


  • Miami Lakes Optimist Park: Pavilion A
  • Royal Oaks Park: Pavilion A, Pavilion B
  • Veterans Park: Pavilion A, Pavilion B

Athletic Fields:

  • Miami Lakes Optimist Park: Baseball, Softball, Multi-Use Field
  • Royal Oaks Park: Multi-Use Field

Find a map of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) here.

Tot Lots & Pocket Parks

There are 41 tot lot parks in Miami Lakes that provide a safe environment for children to play and explore. These parks are equipped with a variety of play structures, slides, and swings, offering endless hours of fun and entertainment for families.


Did You Know? Town Parks, The Miami Lakes


Youth Programs

The Town of Miami Lakes offers a variety of inclusive, memorable, beneficial, and enjoyable programs for youth of all skill levels or interests.

For Registration Information visit the Parks & Recreation Portal.


  • Archery
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Just Run
  • Martial Arts
  • Snapology
  • Spectrum Dance Therapy
  • Start Smart

Adult & Senior Programs

The Town of Miami Lakes offers a variety of activities and programs so that every adult and senior can participate in a safe and welcoming environment regardless of their activity level.

For Registration Information visit the Parks & Recreation Portal.


  • Painting
  • Spanish Class
  • Yoga
  • and more!

Athletic Programs

The Town of Miami Lakes offers a variety of recreational and competitive sports programs. These programs are offered by program providers and town staff and are inclusive, memorable, beneficial, and enjoyable! Whatever your skill level or interests, we have a program to meet your needs.

For Registration Information visit the Parks & Recreation Portal.



The Town of Miami Lakes, through community partners and organizations, provides a variety of camps throughout the year for our younger Miami Lakers.



Trees & Landscaping

The tree canopy in Miami Lakes is an integral part of the community, providing shade, beauty, and a sense of tranquility. The estimated 18,000 trees contribute to the Town’s lush and green landscape, offering a natural escape from the bustling urban environment.

The four most common species in the regional forest are:

  • Southern Live Oak (37.5%)
  • Geometry Tree (21.5%)
  • Palmetto (10.1%)
  • West Indian Mahogany (6.4%)

A recent study concluded that the trees contribute significantly to the environment, human health, energy savings, and quality of life in the region. The assessment calculated that the trees in Miami Lakes reduce energy costs from residential buildings by approximately $231,000 annually.

Youth Center

The Miami Lakes Youth Center is aimed at providing a wide range of recreational and educational programs for children and teenagers in a positive environment. To reserve a “Spot” visit the Reservation Portal.

Open Hang Nights

Open Hang Nights are designed to allow the youth of our community to gather in a social setting in a safe and constructive manner. Recreational activities such as board games, table tennis, and educational video games are readily available, as well as an open study area for homework and book club meetings.

Field Trips

Once a month, participants of the Youth Center will go on field trips to different venues that are both educational and fun. Community service activities will also be included, aimed to enrich participants with the opportunity to have a positive effect in their community.

Life Skills Seminars & Workshops

It’s not just fun and games; the Youth Center aims to positively influence its participants in many aspects of their lives. In hopes to create more well-rounded youth, the youth center will host seminars designed to educate our youth in everyday activities such as banking, budgeting, nutrition, and job preparation skills, like how to write a successful resume.

Youth Center Council

The Youth Council is comprised of “The Spot” participants who wish to help “govern” the Youth Center internally. The Youth Council will provide participants with opportunities to assume leadership roles while building valuable skills. The Youth Council meets monthly to discuss the overall progress of the Youth Center from the participant’s perspective, and discuss ideas for Open Hang night themes, field trip locations and future programming. 

Download the Youth Council application here

Community Service & Volunteer Information

The Youth Center provides ample opportunities for its participants to engage in meaningful and helpful community service work. These events provide participants with the opportunity to earn the required community service hours needed for graduation, while learning the true value of teamwork and fellowship.

Neighborhood Services Districts

The Neighborhood Services Districts is managed under the Parks & Recreation Department. For more information visit the the Neighborhood Services District page.

School Crossing Guards

School Crossing Guard services are essential to ensure the safety of children crossing busy streets on their way to and from school. These dedicated professionals help direct traffic, ensuring that pedestrians can cross safely.


  • Miami Lakes K8 Center
  • Bob Graham Education Center

The Town of Miami Lakes is accepting applications for Part-time School Crossing Guards-Backup. Visit the Careers Web Portal for information.



Who owns the swale and tree in front of my home?

The Town owns the swale and all arbor material within the swale, but residents do need to make sure they are maintained in a clean fashion (Ord. 22-290).

How often are Town trees trimmed?

The Town operates on a three (3) year cycle for all Town rights of ways and Parks.

Town staff evaluates each tree on a case-by-case basis, and the trees that meet certain criteria can be trimmed out of the cycle. In order to request an inspection for a low-hanging tree please visit SeeClickFix.

Why is my tree not fully trimmed?

The Town's contractors trim 100% of Town trees.

Town staff does not top or vertically cut trees for aesthetics. Town trees are trimmed according to the International Society of Arboriculture standards.

What are some reasons not to trim or remove trees?

Trees are not trimmed or removed due to leaf, flower, seed drop, or for aesthetic purposes.

What are some reasons to remove trees?

Trees can be removed when they are diseased, dying, unstable, or when the tree roots are repeatedly intruding on utilities.

Can I trim or remove a Town tree?

Residents may not trim or remove a Town tree without the Town's authorization. Town trees removed without Town authorization are subject to fines.

A resident may have a Town tree removed through the Tree Removal Permit.

What should I do if Town trees are near power lines?

Contact Florida Power and Light as the Town does not prune portions near any overhead utilities.

Does the Town trim trees on private properties?

The Town does not trim trees on private properties.

Can I plant my own tree in the parkway or easement?

Residents need to obtain approval from the Town to plant a tree in the parkway or easement.

Please contact (305)346-6100 for more information.

Why doesn’t the Town plant palm trees on residential swales?

The Town boasts one of the most beautiful urban canopies in the County, with miles of shaded sidewalks and streets. Palm trees do not provide adequate shade and often need pruning (or self-pruning), leading to safety and aesthetic concerns.


Do I need to reserve a field for group sports activities like football, soccer, or softball?

Yes, prior booking is required to use any field. Visit to reserve a field.

Are rental applications for fields and facilities automatically approved upon submission?

Please note that all applications for field rentals, tournaments, and other services are pending approval. Approval processes ensure that all activities align with park regulations and availability.

What types of fields are available for rental?

You can rent baseball/softball fields and multi-purpose fields suitable for soccer, football, and similar activities. Tennis, pickleball, and basketball court rentals are not currently available.

How much does it cost to rent a field?

Field rental costs vary. For detailed pricing, please refer to the athletic field rental fee sheet:

3 Hour Rental (Day)$60$120
Additional Hour(s)$20$40
Additional Hight Fee, per hour$25$50
Field Prep / Lining Fee$25$25
Football / SoccerResidentNon-Resident
3 Hour Rental (Day)$60$120
Additional Hour(s)$20$40
Additional Hight Fee, per hour$25$50
Field Prep / Lining Fee$50$50

Are additional services like lighting and field preparation available for field rentals?

Yes, additional services such as lighting and field preparation or lining are available for an extra fee.

Can I host a sports tournament at the park?

Yes, you can host tournaments. For detailed tournament pricing, please refer to the athletic field rental fee sheet:

Tournament Deposit$500$500
3 Hour Rental (Day)$500$500
Additional Hour(s)$10$20

Are Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) available at the parks?

Yes, AEDs are available at several locations within our parks. Find a map of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) here.

What types of athletic programs are offered?

We offer leagues for Tee Ball, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, and Girls' Softball. Additionally, we offer Tennis classes.

I'd like to sign up my child for tee ball, baseball, or girl's softball. Where can I find information on the upcoming season and how can I sign up?

For more information or to register your child for tee ball, baseball, or girls' softball, please visit Optimist Club of Miami Lakes or call 305-204-6857.

I'd like to sign up my child for flag football. Where can I find information on the upcoming season and how can I sign up?

To register for flag football or to learn more about the upcoming season, visit Optimist Club of Miami Lakes or contact them at 305-204-6857.

I'd like to sign up my child for Soccer. Where can I find information on the upcoming season and how can I sign up?

For information on the soccer season and registration details, visit Miami Lakes United Soccer Club.

I'd like to sign up my child for Basketball. Where can I find information on the upcoming season and how can I sign up?

To find out more about basketball opportunities and to register, visit 305 Youth Sports.

I'd like to enroll my child in tennis classes. Where can I find information on the upcoming season and how can I sign up?

For tennis class registration and season information, please visit MGT Academy.

Are tennis and pickleball facilities available for the public at the parks?

 Yes, tennis and pickleball courts are available for use at Miami Lakes Optimist Park.

How can I find out if a park is closed due to inclement weather?

To get updates on park closures due to inclement weather, please download the Rainout Line app on your mobile phone.

Whom should I contact for further questions about parks and athletics?

For more information, contact Andres Pineiro, Parks & Athletics Manager, at 305-364-6100 Ext. 1154, or via email at

Grounds Maintenance

What are pocket parks and green space areas in Miami Lakes?

Pocket parks and green space areas in Miami Lakes are small, neighborhood-oriented parks and open spaces designed to provide recreational opportunities and enhance the quality of life for residents. The Town has over 100+ parks within its 6.5 square miles.

How does Miami Lakes maintain its pocket parks and green space areas?

Miami Lakes maintains its pocket parks and green space areas through regular maintenance schedules, which may include landscaping, mowing, trash removal, and periodic inspections to ensure safety. Depending on the month and growth rate of turf/landscaping, Town contracted vendors provide 2-4 cycles per month of maintenance to every park and Town maintained Right of Way.

Are there specific amenities available in Miami Lakes' pocket parks and green space areas?

Yes, amenities in Miami Lakes' pocket parks and green space areas may include playgrounds, walking paths, benches, beaches, picnic areas, and community gardens at parks, depending on the location and size of the park.

Can residents host events or gatherings in Miami Lakes' pocket parks and green space areas?

Yes, residents can typically host events or gatherings in designated areas of Miami Lakes' pocket parks and green space areas. However, they may need to obtain permits or permissions from the Town depending on the size and nature of the event.

How does Miami Lakes ensure the safety and security of its pocket parks and green space areas?

Miami Lakes employs various measures to ensure the safety and security of its pocket parks and green space areas, Park inspections are part of the QAP (quality assurance protocol ), patrols by law enforcement officers, and lighting, and roaming surveillance by Park staff.

Neighborhood Service District

What is a Neighborhood Service District (NSD)?

A neighborhood service district (NSD), also known as a special taxing district, is a specific area created to provide public improvements and special services through a non-ad valorem assessment. Types of services provided are: neighborhood street lighting, security guards, multipurpose landscaping and lake maintenance, and certain capital improvement projects.

Under what legal provisions are these districts created?

The Miami-Dade County Code provides authority under Chapter 18 and Chapter 28.

Can the Town of Miami Lakes create and manage these districts?

Effective November 8, 2016, the Miami-Dade County Code was amended to include § 18-3.1 setting forth Municipal special taxing districts.

Can a current Special Taxing District under Miami-Dade County be transferred to the Town of Miami Lakes?

Yes, § 18-3.1 of the Code sets forth the required process. Upon passage of a Resolution by the Municipal government stating the intent to take control of said district, the Special Taxing Districts Division will commence the process. For further assistance, contact the Special Taxing Districts Division.

What is the process to create a resident petitioned Special Taxing District?

An official incorporated homeowner’s association (HOA), for the area under consideration, or in the absence of the HOA, at least 10% of the area property owners, submit a letter of intent to Special Taxing Districts Division, 111 NW 1st Street, 15th Floor, Miami, Florida 33128. The letter must describe desired improvements, district boundaries and level of service.

What does the process consist of?

I. The Petition

The Special Taxing Districts Division prepares a petition package, based on the letter of intent. This petition will provide a description of the proposed improvements, as well as the range of assessments estimated for the project.

For security guard districts, prior to the preparation of the petition package:

  • A traffic study by an independent consultant, and at the expense of the community, may be required in security guard districts involving street closures.
  • Department of Transportation and Public Works Traffic Engineering Division must review the implications of any street closure.
  • An indication by the appropriate City or County Fire/Rescue and Police Department that the delivery of emergency services will not be hampered or impeded by a road closure.

For road improvement projects, full right-of-way dedication will be required prior to preparation of the petition package.

Community volunteers then circulate the petition among all resident property owners. A maximum of four months is allowed for the collection of signatures. The petition, once returned to Miami-Dade County, is validated by the Special Taxing Districts staff. The homestead exemption for each property owner is verified asan indication of residency. For new property owners who become proposed district residents after the filing date for homestead exemption may provide a notarized affidavit confirming their residency.

The petition must contain signatures of 50% or more of the resident property owners for the process to continue. The petition and the results of the validation are filed with the Clerk of the Board.

II. The Cost & Feasibility Study (for valid petition request)

The Special Taxing Districts staff prepares a report detailing improvements, cost estimate, assessment method, and district boundaries. The report is then filed with the County mayor who in turn files his written report and recommendations with the Clerk of the Board, and schedules a formal public hearing. Prior to the public hearing, all district property owners are invited by mail to an informational community meeting. Facts pertaining to the proposed special taxing district are presented to the district residents and questions by the community pertaining to the process and the proposed special taxing district are discussed.

III. District Creation

All property owners are invited to a Public Hearing regarding the creation of the proposed special taxing district. To which all property owners are invited by letter from the Clerk of the Board. Notices are published by the Clerk in a newspaper of general circulation and are also posted in five public places within the district. The Board of County Commissioners (Board) conducts a Public Hearing at which time residents or concerned citizens may speak on the proposed special taxing district. If the Board decides that the proposal should move forward, an ordinance creating the district is adopted. The assessment roll resolution is typically adopted at the same public hearing as the creation ordinance.

IV. District Ratification

Elections are conducted by mailed ballot on an available election date set by the Miami-Dade Elections Department. All registered voters residing within district boundaries are eligible to vote. A majority vote of returned ballots in favor of the project is needed to ratify district creation.

V. Collection of Special Assessments

Those districts which are approved by the electorate are billed in advance for each tax year (January through December) and are included as an itemized portion of the annual combined tax bill.

VI. Implementation Phase

Final engineering of capital improvements, bidding (for capital improvements and/or service) and construction take place. The improvement would then be placed in service or the service would commence.

How long does it take to create and implement a Special Taxing District?

It varies, according to the amount of time to receive a valid petition, Board agenda calendar and timing for the election. For most districts the process takes several months up to one year. Security guard districts, because of traffic studies and delivery of emergency services issues, require a longer timeframe.

Why is my property included in a special taxing district?

Chapter 28 of the Miami-Dade County Code requires property owners to create a street lighting special taxing district for public roads when the land is platted for development. Often developers will also request the creation of multipurpose maintenance districts to address landscape and lake maintenance issues. At this point, there is a sole property owner, so the petition process is simplified and no election is needed as there is 100% consensus to create the district. However, there is a required disclosure to subsequent buyers of the developed properties at the time of purchase.

Can residents request improvements or additional services to the districts?

For services beyond the original scope described in the ordinance creating the district, residents must follow the petition process as described above for an amendment to the ordinance.

For services that are within the scope of the ordinance, the services or improvements would be subject to the financial condition of the district.

Can an existing district be abolished?

Yes, residents who want their district abolished must follow the petition process, requesting that the district be abolished and services ceased.

How is the cost of services calculated?

The calculation of each district property’s special assessment is based upon the district specific assessment method and project cost (methods used are: front footage in street lighting, road and water projects; square footage in landscape maintenance districts; and units, generally parcels in security guard and lake maintenance districts). Project costs include prior year’s expenses, any anticipated expenditures in the coming year and administrative costs.

How is the assessment billed and collected?

Routine ongoing services such as lighting, landscape, and guard services are billed to residents through their annual property tax bill under the Non-ad Valorem assessment category. Special assessments are billed in advance for each tax year and are included as an itemized portion of the annual combined tax bill under the non-ad valorem section. They are payable at the time the real property tax bill is due.

Is a lien placed on my property if I do not pay the special assessment?

Yes. Unpaid special assessments, similarly to unpaid ad valorem taxes, will cause a lien to be placed on your property and the certificate sold the following June.

Do security guard districts restrict public access to the district area?

No. Public access to streets encompassed within a district is never prohibited. A requirement of Chapter 18 of the Miami-Dade County Code is that special taxing districts can only be created on public roads.

All cars must come to a complete stop when they approach the guardhouse. Once the vehicle has stopped at the guard gate, the guard will register the tag number and description, and will then allow the car to enter the district. Visitors do not need to provide any information to the guard.              Where resident lanes exist with card control access, the residents drive through once the gate arm has been activated by their card.

How can I obtain a clicker for residential lane access?

To obtain a clicker for residential lane access in a Miami Lakes NSD, you can complete a click card application through the Miami Lakes official website. Start by visiting, navigate to 'Our Government' and then 'Neighborhood Services Districts.' There, you will find the 'Gate Access Application for Neighborhood Services Districts.' Fill out the application and attach the necessary documentation, such as your vehicle registration. For any inquiries, contact John Yanes, the Special Projects Manager, at

Who from the town of Miami Lakes may you call for additional information?

You can contact John Yanes by phone at (305) 364-6100 Ext. 1234, or via email at

Department Staff

Jose "Oreo" Orellana

Greenspace Superintendent

John Paul Yanes

Special Projects Manager

Manny Martinez

Recreation Manager

Andres Pineiro

Parks & Athletics Manager

Ernesto Soto

Programs Coordinator

Jessica Ferralls

Office Specialist

Juan Escobar

Leisure Services Specialist