Committees & Boards

The Town of Miami Lakes has several town committees that play an important role in the community. These committees are responsible for addressing specific matters such as Blasting, Cultural Affairs, Economic Development, Education, Elderly Affairs, Mental Health, and more. This ensures that the needs and concerns of the residents are heard. The Communications & Community Affairs Department supports the twelve council-appointed volunteer committees and boards.

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Blasting Advisory Board

The Blasting Advisory Board was established to discuss and provide the Town Council with recommendations and possible solutions to ease the effects of rock mine blasting.

To file a complaint about mining activity in your area click:

Visit the Blasting Advisory Board page.

Cultural Affairs Committee

The Cultural Affairs Committee was established to provide and promote cultural activities within the Town of Miami Lakes for the benefit and education of its citizens and those in the surrounding communities.

Visit the Cultural Affairs Committee page.

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee assists in the development of a well-rounded business climate to help build the Town’s commercial tax base through the aggressive recruitment of new businesses.

Visit the Economic Development Committee page.

Education Advisory Board

The Education Advisory Board was created to assess the condition, needs, and availability of schools and educational programs and activities within the Town.

Visit the Education Advisory Board page.

Elderly Affairs Committee

The Elderly Affairs Committee was created to assist the Town with identifying the needs of the elderly residents in Miami Lakes. The committee focuses on the development of programs serving the elderly.

Visit the Elderly Affairs Committee page.

Mental Health Task Force

The Mental Health Task Force is dedicated to navigating mental health discussion and issues facing Miami Lakers.

Visit the Mental Health Task Force page.

Neighborhood Improvement Committee

The Neighborhood Improvement Committee is comprised of concerned citizens to bring ideas and potential solutions on how to beautify our Town.

Visit the Neighborhood Improvement Committee page.

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee works with local residents, businesses and the Police Department to organize and develop local crime watch programs and provide opportunities for public safety awareness and education.

Visit the Public Safety Committee page.

Special Needs Advisory Board

The mission of the Special Needs Advisory Board is to create a model town for inclusion, by identifying specific Miami Lakes families with an interest in matters pertaining to individuals with special needs; connecting them to existing programs, services and events; and, serving the Town Council in an advisory capacity to identify unmet needs and assist with the discovery of possible solutions.

Visit the Special Needs Advisory Board page.

Sports Hall of Fame

The Miami Lakes Sports Hall of Fame was created to honor athletes, coaches, community members, and teams from the Town of Miami Lakes for their outstanding contribution or achievement in sport.

Visit the Sports Hall of Fame page.

Veterans Committee

The Veterans Committee is dedicated to proudly honoring our past, present, and future veterans. The Veterans Committee also provides the Town Council with recommendations and potential solutions regarding veterans’ issues within the Town of Miami Lakes.

Visit the Veterans Committee page.

Youth Activities Task Force

The Youth Activities Task Force explores the development of positive activities for the Town’s youth.

Visit the Youth Activities Task Force page.

Committee Liaisons

Aisle Pastora

Committees & Special Events Coordinator

Jonathan Gil

Digital Services & Marketing Specialist

Gabriella Escobar

Committee Liaison

Ernesto Soto

Programs Coordinator