April 30, 2024

Who owns the swale and tree in front of my home?

The Town owns the swale and all arbor material within the swale, but residents do need to make sure they are maintained in a clean fashion (Ord. 22-290).

How often are Town trees trimmed?

The Town operates on a three (3) year cycle for all Town rights of ways and Parks.

Town staff evaluates each tree on a case-by-case basis, and the trees that meet certain criteria can be trimmed out of the cycle. In order to request an inspection for a low-hanging tree please visit SeeClickFix.

Why is my tree not fully trimmed?

The Town’s contractors trim 100% of Town trees.

Town staff does not top or vertically cut trees for aesthetics. Town trees are trimmed according to the International Society of Arboriculture standards.

What are some reasons not to trim or remove trees?

Trees are not trimmed or removed due to leaf, flower, seed drop, or for aesthetic purposes.

What are some reasons to remove trees?

Trees can be removed when they are diseased, dying, unstable, or when the tree roots are repeatedly intruding on utilities.

Can I trim or remove a Town tree?

Residents may not trim or remove a Town tree without the Town’s authorization. Town trees removed without Town authorization are subject to fines.

A resident may have a Town tree removed through the Tree Removal Permit.

What should I do if Town trees are near power lines?

Contact Florida Power and Light as the Town does not prune portions near any overhead utilities.

Does the Town trim trees on private properties?

The Town does not trim trees on private properties.

Can I plant my own tree in the parkway or easement?

Residents need to obtain approval from the Town to plant a tree in the parkway or easement.

Please contact (305)346-6100 for more information.

Why doesn’t the Town plant palm trees on residential swales?

The Town boasts one of the most beautiful urban canopies in the County, with miles of shaded sidewalks and streets. Palm trees do not provide adequate shade and often need pruning (or self-pruning), leading to safety and aesthetic concerns.

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