Trees & Landscaping

Live Oak trees in a park

A recent study concluded that the trees contribute significantly to the environment, human health, energy savings, and quality of life in the region. The assessment calculated that the trees in Miami Lakes reduce energy costs from residential buildings by approximately $231,000 annually. 

Local Trees

The beautiful tree canopy in Miami Lakes has long been the signature of the Town.

The Town of Miami Lakes has an estimated 17,832 trees (tree canopy covers an estimated 30%).

The four most common species in the regional forest are:

  • Southern Live Oak (37.5%)
  • Geometry Tree (21.5%)
  • Palmetto (10.1%)
  • West Indian Mahogany (6.4%)
Tree Removal

General Information

Town of Miami Lakes Ordinance No. 12-151 mandates the protection of the Town’s tree and forest resources. The information within the Tree Removal Permit Application should assist you in understanding Town’s tree and forest protection requirements. Please take the time to read the information carefully before filling an application.