Learn About MGT Academy And Their Tennis Programs

Learn About MGT Academy And Their Tennis Programs

January 9, 2023

Miami Lakes, FL – Looking to get your kids involved in tennis? Want them to learn from the best coaches? In the search for an adult fitness program utilizing the high-energy nature of the sport?

Visit www.tennismgt.com to learn more about the MGT Academy and their programs available to those from ages 5 to 65!

Miami Lakes Red Generation

Played on a smaller court, Red Generation is the best place to start for kids just starting off. The softest ball in the program, Red tennis balls bounce lower and move more slowly through the air, giving beginning players a chance to set up and take a good swing at the ball. This, plus the smaller court allow for a welcoming environment where coaches will break down skills into fun activities for kids to learn the sound fundamentals of tennis.

Miami Lakes Orange Generation

Played on a slightly larger court (60’x21’), Orange is well suited to kids starting to turn their fundamentals into skills. Orange will bounce higher and travel faster than red. With the larger court kids can begin to put everything together and translate sound fundamentals into skills.

Miami Lakes Green Generation

Played on a full-size court (78’x27’), Green is the last step before graduating to standard tennis equipment and rules. Here children will apply their fundamental skills to game conditions, and begin to learn strategy and skills that accompany full tennis matches.

Miami Lakes CARDIO Tennis

Burn calories, improve cardio and learn tennis all in one. One of the fastest growing programs at every club now at your local park

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