Local Preference

Local businesses, as defined in Section 1 of Ordinance 17-203, may apply for a preference for competitive solications in exceed of $5,000. Preference will be given if the Bidder/Proposer submits the Town’s Local Preference Form and provides documentation that establishes the following:

  • A Bidder/Proposer possesses a current business tax receipt and certificate of use issued at lesat six (6) months prior to the issuance of the solicitation and affirms that services shall be provided solely from the place of business located in the Town of Miami Lakes; or
  • At least forty percent (40%) of the Bidder’s/Proposer’s ownership must reside in the Town prior to the issuance of the solicitation.

The Bidder/Proposer seeking Local Preference shall have the burden of proof to demonstrate that it qualifies for preference. Failure to submit the Local Preference Form or the required supporting documentation with Bidder’s/Proposer’s submittal shall result in a rejection of the request for Local Preference.

Exemptions to Local Preference

  • Upon written justification of the Town Manager and approved by the Town Council for solicitations which are subject to award by the Town Council.
  • Procurement of goods/services which include funding from other entities that preclude the application of the Town’s Local Preference.
  • Single Source Emergency Cooperative and On-Line Procurements as defined by this Ordinance.
  • Procurements exempt from the Procurement Code.


  • Awards Based Solely on Price. The lowest Bidder who is entitled to preference under the Local Preference provisions of this Ordinance who is within five percent (5%) of the lowest responsive and responsible Bidder (“Lowest Bidder”) who is not entitled to preference and is determined to be responsive and responsible shall be provided the opportunity to offer a price that must be at least five percent (5%) less than the Lowest Bidder. Such Bidder upon providing written confirmation providing a price meeting this requirement shall be considered the lowest responsive and responsible Bidder.
  • All Other Awards. A Proposer entitled to preference under the Local Preference provision of Ordinance 12-142 shall have an additional five percent (5%) of the total available points added to its ranked point score received during the evaluation process.