Miami Lakes Recognized Through the Better Cities for Pets™ Program

Miami Lakes Recognized Through the Better Cities for Pets™ Program

January 17, 2023

Miami Lakes, FL – We are proud to announce that the Town of Miami Lakes has once again earned City Certification through the Better Cities For Pets™ program from Mars Petcare, showcasing our commitment to creating a pet-friendly community.

More people than ever view pets as members of the family, and with more than 90 million pet-owning households in the United States, we are proud to continue our efforts in creating a vibrant community where pets are not only welcome, but thrive.

Words from Mayor Manny Cid echo this goal and our efforts: “Our pets play an important role in Miami Lakes, so much so that we created a lost and found pets portal on our website. We’ve seen many happy reunion stories on the site. We also built the K-9 Cove dog park with the mindset, ‘If you build it they will come.’ Yes, K-9 Cove has been a huge success in our community. Dozens of Miami Lakers bring their furry companions to the Cove. Due to our work in these areas, I’m proud that our Town has received the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ certification.”

Miami Lakes has many ways to support a pet-friendly community, including:

  • Lost & Found Pets Portal, allowing lost pets to be reunited with their owners through coordinated social media use and digital lost and found flyers.
  • K-9 Cove: Our very own pet-friendly park with benches, drinking fountains for dogs, and a joint open-air shelter for pet owners!
  • Pet Owner Best Practices: This video campaign allows Miami Lakers to learn more about the harmful effects of pet waste and promotes safe and responsbile pet ownership to keep Miami Lakes safe, clean, and growing beautifully!
  • Plenty of businesses around town serving the needs of pets, including grooming, toys, treats, boarding, and more!

The Better Cities For Pets™ city certification launched in 2019 as an extension of the Better Cities For Pets™ program, which works with government, businesses and non-profits to help communities be pet-friendly. It was created in partnership with Civic Design Center, a leader in designing public spaces, and incorporates input from government and animal welfare experts. The program also offers a pet-friendly certification for airports.

“We established the Better Cities For Pets™ certification to celebrate cities that are creating positive and welcoming environments for people and their pets, and encourage more cities to recognize the benefits of our four-legged friends,” said Lisa Campbell, Director of External Affairs at Mars Petcare. “We look forward to continuing to support cities as we work toward our purpose: A Better World For Pets.”

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