About Us

Miami Lakes operates under a Council-Manager system, where the elected Town Council establishes policy that the Council-appointed Town Manager administers and oversees in day-to-day operations.


Miami Lakes is widely recognized as a welcoming community with extraordinary beauty where state of the art planning concepts creates vibrant hubs that are safe and friendly to all ages and mobility options which inspire the Town to continue Growing Beautifully.


We want Miami Lakes to be the model of a friendly, open, innovative, effective, and efficient government for its residents and businesses.

Guiding Principles

Basic tenets to steer strategic direction of staff and Council.

  1. Public safety is the primary role of this government.
  2. All decisions will be driven towards enhancing the quality of life for our residents and enhancing the customer experience while ensuring safety and fairness.
  3. We will be open and transparent, and solicit as much input as possible from our stakeholders.
  4. Communicate, communicate, and when in doubt, communicate again.
  5. Recognize that our employees are our greatest assets and we will invest in our employees.
  6. Pursue innovation and maximize the use of existing machinery, equipment, and technology to enhance services at lowest possible cost.
  7. Do not provide services being offered by the private sector and aim at recovering close to 100% of cost for all optional services, except for current program already provided.
  8. Pursue energy efficiency and self-sufficiency.
  9. Evaluate capital projects for financing versus “pay as you go” on a case by case basis.
  10. Always assess new functional responsibilities and determine whether the service can be best provided by the private sector. Private sector cost must not exceed in-house cost by more than 20%.
  11. Recreational programs should be aimed at “all ages”.
  12. Maintain open communications and good working relations with all other levels of government and neighboring municipalities. Pursue cooperation and working agreement whenever possible.
  13. Maintain our capital assets in good condition prior to building new ones.

Strategic Planning

In order to continue the Town of Miami Lakes’ successful strategic management process, we, the Town Council of Miami Lakes, hereby adopt this 2015-2025 Strategic Plan as a blueprint for continued progress in achieving our Town vision. In addition, we pledge that any ordinances or resolutions passed by this Council will be consistent with the goals, objectives and priorities represented herein.