Alameda Northwest Drainage Improvement

Project Quick Facts

  • Estimated Completion: August 2023
  • Construction Cost: $1,188,676
  • Project Manager: Anaily Padron, P.E.
  • Project Contractor: Metro Express, Inc

The Alameda Northwest Drainage Improvement project is part of the Town’s comprehensive plan to mitigate flooding. The project consists of drainage system improvements.


The stormwater project will include the addition of catch basins, French drains, manholes, valley gutters as well as restoration and resurfacing of the existing roadway surface, and new pavement markings. Once complete, the new system will increase stormwater management capacity and is intended to mitigate flooding in the area

Funding Source

The Commerce Way Drainage Improvement project is funded through the Stormwater Utility System Revenue Bonds Series 2021.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we strive to continue Growing Beautifully.

Project Manager:

Anaily Padron, Capital Improvement Project Manager


O: (305) 512-7133