Mayor & Town Council
Manny Cid
Mayor 305-364-6100 x1157
Tony Fernandez
Vice Mayor - Seat 1 305-364-6100 x1155
Ray Garcia
Councilmember - Seat 2 305-364-6100 x1155
Marilyn Ruano
Councilmember - Seat 3 305-364-6100 x1155
Josh Dieguez
Councilmember - Seat 4 305-364-6100 x1155
Luis E. Collazo
Councilmember - Seat 5 305-364-6100 x1155
Joseph Sosa
Assistant to the Mayor 305-364-6100 x1157
Office of the Town Clerk
Gina M. Inguanzo
Town Clerk 305-364-6100 x1138
Victoria Martinez
Administrative Asst. to the Council/Deputy Town Clerk 305-364-6100 x1155
Town Administration
Edward Pidermann
Town Manager 305-364-6100 x1134
Rosa M. Marrero
Assistant to the Town Manager 305-364-6100 x1134
305-512-7136 Direct
Tony Lopez, CPRE
Deputy Town Manager 305-364-6100 x1130
Melissa Hernandez
Budget Officer 305-364-6100 x1158
Renee Wilson
Grants and Government Affairs Manager 305-364-6100 x1225
Cynthia Alejo
Human Resources Specialist 305-364-6100 x1109
Nathalie Garcia
Procurement Manager 305-364-6100 x1166
Building & Zoning Department
Daniel Angel
Director of Building Department 305-364-6100 x1219
Richard Annese
Building Official 305-364-6100 x1149
305-827-4015 Direct
Susana Naranjo
Building Services Supervisor 305-364-6100 x1141
Janiel Arias
Office Specialist/Special Events Permit 305-364-6100 x1150
Jacqueline Barrios
Permit Clerk 305-364-6100 x1148
Carmen Garcia
Permit Clerk 305-364-6100 x1184
Rachel Dominguez
Permit Clerk 305-364-6100 x1220
Federico Endara
Zoning Official 305-364-6100 x1228
305-827-4015 Direct
Misael Rodriguez
Structural Plans Examiner 305-364-6100 x1300
Andres Perez
Chief Mechanical Inspector 305-364-6100 x1300
305-827-4015 Direct
Carlos Valenti
Roofing/Building Inspector 305-364-6100 x1183
Jan Pierre Perez
Mechanical Inspector 305-364-6100 x1300
305-827-4015 Direct
Ricky Aller
Building Inspector 305-364-6100 x1255
Zachary Randall
Plumbing Inspector 305-364-6100 x1226
305-827-4015 Direct
Thomas Flingos
Chief Electrical Inspector 305-364-6100 x1300
305-827-4015 Direct
Orestes Rodriguez
Building Plans Examiner 305-364-6100 x1227
Code Compliance Department
Lourdes Sosa
Code Compliance Manager 305-364-6100 x1111
Carlos Medio
Code Compliance Field Supervisor 305-364-6100 x1201
Franco Giannattasio
Code Compliance Officer 305-364-6100 x1198
Ariel Morales
Code Compliance Officer 305-364-6100 x1108
Hugo Gonzalez
Code Compliance Officer 305-364-6100 x1199
Communications & Community Affairs Department
Clarisell De Cardenas
Communications & Community Affairs & Public Information Officer 305-512-7132 Direct
Aisle Pastora
Committees & Special Events Coordinator 305-364-6100 x1143
Jonathan Gil
Marketing & Digital Services Specialist 305-364-6100 x1181
Jacob Marin
Communications & Community Affairs Specialist 305-364-6100 x1153
Finance Department
Kay Grant
Chief Financial Officer 305-364-6100 x1144
Saily Leon-Trujillo
Controller 305-364-6100 x1140
Alaa Abuhussein
Accountant 305-364-6100 x1126
Maria Lourdes Knips
Accounts Payable Specialist 305-364-6100 x1104
Parks & Recreation Department
Jeremy Bajdaun
Director of Parks & Recreation Department 305-364-6100 x1239
305-558-0382 Direct
John Paul Yanes
Special Projects Manager 305-364-6100 x1234
Manny Martinez
Recreation Manager 305-364-6100 x1245
Austin Tubbs
Parks & Athletics Manager 305-364-6100 x1246
Jose Orellana
Green Space Maintenance Superintendent 305-364-6100 x1139
Andres Pineiro
Arbor Coordinator 305-364-6100 x1154
Ernesto Soto
Programs Coordinator 305-364-6100 x1241
305-827-4011 Direct
Kiara Rodriguez
Youth Programs Coordinator 305-364-6100 x1247
Jessica Ferralls
Leisure Services Specialist- Facility Rentals 305-556-0771 Direct
Juan Escobar
Leisure Services Specialist 305-364-6100 x1131
Planning Department
Susana Alonso
Principal Planner 305-364-6100 x1102
Olivia Shock
Transportation Coordinator 305-364-6100 x1112
Police Department
Jose Gonzalez
Major 305-364-6100 x1306
Eddy Ulloa
Lieutenant 305-364-6100 x1223
305-827-4025 Direct
Robin Amador
Community Service Officer 305-364-6100 x1303
305-827-4020 Direct
Vicki Nuñez
Administrative Secretary 305-827-4020 Direct
Elaine Rahming
PCASI 305-827-4020 Direct
Denise Milian
Admin Officer 305-364-6100 x1313
305-827-4020 Direct
Public Works Department
Omar Santos Baez
Director of Public Works 305-364-6100 x1182
Anaily Padron
Capital Improvement Project Manager 305-364-6100 x1133
Stanley Merantus
Public Works Engineer 305-364-6100 x1179
Nicole Gil
Public Works Manager 305-364-6100 x1180
Luis Rodriguez
Plans Reviewer 305-364-6100
Gerald DiPiero
Public Works Inspector 305-364-6100 x1186
Carlos Caraballo
Public Works Inspector 305-364-6100 x1180
Rafael Ruiz
Stormwater Operator 305-364-6100
Juan L. Perez
Stormwater Operator 305-364-6100 x1180
Dario Martinez
General Services Manager 305-364-6100 x1173
Joseph Ascuntar
Facilities Clerk 305-364-6100 x1163
Information Technology Department
German Cure
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer 305-364-6100 x1122
Gomez Technology
IT Provider 305-364-6100 x1230
Town Attorney
Raul Gastesi
Town Attorney
Lorenzo Cobiella
Deputy Town Attorney 305-364-6100 x1145