Town’s Building Department Introduces New QR Code Feature for Scheduling Inspections

Town’s Building Department Introduces New QR Code Feature for Scheduling Inspections

April 18, 2023

Miami Lakes, F.L. – The Miami Lakes Building Department is excited to announce a new feature that will streamline the inspection process for businesses and contractors within the town. Moving forward, Master Permit cards will feature a QR Code that directs them to schedule inspections online.

The new feature was developed “to make the permitting experience as seamless as possible”, says Building Director Daniel Angel. Instead of relying solely on phone calls during business hours, businesses and contractors can now schedule inspections by scanning the code located on their master permit card. This will reduce the need for time-consuming phone calls, allowing for faster turnaround times for inspection scheduling.

To use the new feature, businesses and contractors can simply scan the QR code using their smartphone or mobile device. Once scanned, they will be taken to a scheduling page where they can insert their contact information, along with permit number, and date & type of inspection. The system will then inform the Department to schedule the inspection, and send a confirmation to the user once a Building Department representative.

The Building Department encourages businesses and contractors to take advantage of this new feature, and to contact them with any questions or concerns by phone at (305) 827-4015 or by email at For those without the updated Master Permit with QR Code, you may visit to access the improved scheduling process.

About the Miami Lakes Building Department:
The Miami Lakes Building Department provides customer-friendly services including review, processing, issuance, and inspection of building permits and assurance that construction in the Town complies with the provisions of all applicable codes.

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