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Welcome to the Town of Miami Lakes Online Lost and Found Pets portal. We know how important your pets are to you and hope that we can make reuniting you and your pet faster and easier. Dogs, cats, and other household pets slip out of their homes and away from their owners every da,y even in the most loving and pet-centric homes.

To notify the Town of a lost or found pet, please fill out the form below or contact Nathalie Garcia at garcian@miamilakes-fl.gov or call 305-364-6100.

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Pet Description: Golden beige female dog.

If you have any information, please contact Laura at lauramorillas@hotmail.com.

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Pet Description: Male Rottweiler/Shepherd Mix. Intact. Approximately 8-9 years old. Dog was found in Miami Lakes near 162nd Terrace and NW 87th Ct, close to Royal Oaks Park on January 21st.

If you have any information, please contact Laura Camacho at 786-556-4168 or at camposapi@gmail.com

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Pet Description:I am fostering a small white dog that was found last President's Day weekend in the parking lot of CVS on 67th ave. Please call to identify.

If you have any information, please contact Lisa DePriest at 786-246-4681 or at baskethound@bellsouth.net



lost pets


Pet Name: Ollie

Pet Description: Large male Maine Coon Mix. Brown with beige coloring. Bushy tail and big yellow eyes. No collar. Nails are capped. About 25 lbs. Lost in Lake Carol Villas, Balgowan Rd. 

If you have any information, please contact Harold Korenstein at 786-897-0591 or arimiami@aol.com.

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Pet Name: Oreo

Pet Description: Small, black and white male Rat Terrier. Weighs 15 lbs.

If you have any information, please contact Brigitte Aleman at 305-721-7784 or at bridge100524@gmail.com.

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Pet Description: 5 lbs black, brown, and grey Yorkshire Terrier. Last see near Miami Lakeway North by the K-8 school.

If you have any information, please contact Dalia at 305-606-7902.

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Pet Name: Mia

Pet Description: Brown, black, and grey Yorkshire Terrier. Has been missing since 12/9/2017 from Eagle Nest close to Miami Lakes Drive. 

If you have any information, please contact Rosemary at 305-903-2969 or at rosemaryf1208@gmail.com.

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Pet Name: Lucky

Pet Description: Brown male Yorkshire Terrier.

If you have any information, please contact Vivian Bermudez.