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The Neighborhood Improvement Committee is to recommend, promote, and create projects and activities that will beautify and improve all its neighborhoods in collaborative and comprehensive manner. It shall also promote efforts that encourage a physically active, sustainable, and engaged community in Miami Lakes.
The Neighborhood Improvement Committee meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at Miami Lakes Town Hall located at 6601 Main Street in Room 106.
Rudy Lloredo Chair
Mario Pinera Vice Chair
Adrian Ardila Secretary
Tony Fernandez Member   Eddie Blanco Member
Reynaldo Garcia Member   Jesus Mendoza Member
Natalia Vanegas Member    Felicia Salazar Member
Andrew Rios Member   Jacqueline Vaquer Member
Javier Ley-Soto Member   Rafael Lopez Member
Mario Pinera Member      
William Sanchez
Committees & Special Events Coordinator
Tel: (305) 364-6100

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