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Review the code for development within Miami Lakes.
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Review the official zoning map as well as future land use map.

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Plans and Studies
Review major master plans and studies affecting Miami Lakes.


Planning and Zoning is responsible for preparing plans and regulatory tools to provide for the growth and enhancement of Miami Lakes, as well as gathering, updating, and analyzing demographic, environmental, transportation, and infrastructure data needed by other Town departments. Planning and Zoning implements the Town of Miami Lakes Comprehensive Plan and related plans and studies, and prepares amendments to both the pdf Comprehensive Plan (13.91 MB)  and the Land Development Code (LDC). Planning and Zoning processes both administrative and public hearing zoning applications, including rezonings, conditional uses, variances, site plans, and plats. Finally, the department is responsible for maintaining the Town's geographic information system (GIS), and providing mapping services as needed by other Town departments.


Located at
Town of Miami Lakes Planning & Zoning
6601 Main Street
Miami Lakes, FL 33014


Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday (Except Legal Holidays)
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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Are you conducting due diligence or other zoning research? Take advantage of our 'Find My Zoning' web mapping application to find the zoning applicable to a property, link directly to the regulations for that zoning district, show all vacant properties in the Town, show the average annual daily traffic (AADT) on major streets, and find the number of people living within specified distance of any property in the Town. You can also download the Zoning Map and Future Land Use Map on our Maps page, download an application for a Zoning Verification Letter and see answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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